Weight Redesign

If you’re not hungry, then eating isn’t your solution. – Amy Hale

Do you need help gaining control of what you put in your body or the kinds of foods you indulge in?

Would you like to be able to stand up to temptations?

Would you like to take control over the portions you eat and stop snacking?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then I have a program that can help you transform your relationship with food.

 In today’s society, many of us have become engrossed in all of the “noise” of everyday life. A void builds and we have a need to fill it. Food is just one way that you’ve found to fill that void. (Or lack of exercise due to excessive use of television or computer.)

When people ask me what do I love most about what I do, I tell them this: I love the transformation that people can make when they give themselves the space to make desired changes for their health and well-being.

When I meet people in my office, their feelings of lack (e.g. self-control, self-esteem, relationships, apathy for life, just plain tiredness and the list goes on) bring them in seeking help to manage their relationship with themselves, as well as, how they treat their body with food. Many people don’t realize how much stress they are allowing into their lives. They don’t always realize that they can say no and give themselves much needed self-care because they are so busy taking care of everyone and everything else. If you can’t ever say no to someone else, you most likely won’t say no to that part of you that wants the chocolate, chips, hamburgers, and whatever else it craves to fill the void inside.

Are you willing to try another diet and be miserable or embarrassed for not following through with it again?
Do you want someone to guide you to the right mindset so that you can enjoy food and yet NOT be controlled by it?

You don’t have to try to go through this alone. The same mind that made you fat will need updates to help making these changes or you’ll likely stay stuck and unhappy. Give yourself the chance to permanently make changes that will give you the satisfaction of a better life and a better outlook about your future.

If you’re willing to make time for yourself, experiment with a new lifestyle pattern, and begin to really take care of your health and well-being, then there’s only one thing you need to do. Call me to set up a free consultation so that I can explain how I can help you take control of what’s been out of your control.

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