cycle of progress

The Cycle of Progress

There’s a saying…

If you don’t mind a little backlash, then you can slack off a bit on what you want to achieve. 


I occasionally get questions like:

I keep listening to my audio, but I started binging again. What should I do?

It’s only been 6 weeks since I saw you and I can’t stop biting my nails again. What now?

This is true with the subconscious mind also.

I used to hear complaints from psychotherapist all the time that their clients weren’t consistent, or they quit after a couple of months.  It’s true that psychotherapy takes longer than hypnotherapy, however, to make a big difference in how we feel, we often need to look at multiple modalities for help.

The cycle of progress can be confusing. 

Each time I am posed with questions like this, I have found that consistency was not formed with our work together.  The people with these questions (some of them not even my clients) often have quit coming in because they feel better. Feeling better is great, however, they haven’t healed the emotional belief systems that caused their problem in the first place.  Just because a person feels better doesn’t mean they’re in the clear.  It means there are progressing with healing their core issue.

It’s not uncommon for me to suggest massage or stretching the body.  Anxiety causes a lot of muscle tension and can be relieved a bit by working and stretching the muscles.

One thing is for sure, it you hear me say something in conversation at a session, I’m not just saying it to hear my own voice.  When I tell people they have to make themselves a priority in order to create change, they get upset. Their kids and their family always come first.  I’m not saying they don’t.  But in order to change, you must become first as well.

It’s like the flying on an airplane metaphor. If there’s trouble with the air pressure on the flight and the oxygen masks are released, then you need to put it on yourself first so that you have enough oxygen to help your children and your family.

I have a system going with hypnotherapy that is working splendidly with most people coming in to see me.  What I need from a client is consistency because that’s what your subconscious mind needs.

How has making yourself important or being consistent with change helped you? I would love to hear from you.

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