Stop Screwing Yourself Over

How many ideas have you had that just seem to fizzle and die? How many goals have you had that never came to light. In all of my years of working with people to create success – whether it’s to quit smoking or start a business – I’ve learned that our brains will stall our ideas if we don’t take action right away. And I mean right away – within 7 seconds of less.

Think about this for a moment, maybe you’ve woken up in the morning and think about how you need to go to the gym, but instead you push the snooze button. And then push it again.
And again.
And again.

What you’re training your brain to do is associate the alarm with dread. When you hesitate, you are actually telling your mind that something is wrong. When something is wrong, your brain will do anything to protect you.

How does it protect you? By keeping you from doing anything out of your comfort zone, because things that are uncomfortable are bad and create uncertainty or fear. The subconscious mind doesn’t know that making that phone call or going out for a run isn’t dangerous and so it throws the idea down.

However, you can outsmart that part of you who’s about to throw down your next great idea. You can take action within 7 seconds or less.

Sorry to tell you… motivation doesn’t exist. Your parents maybe pushed you when you were a kid. They told you to clean your room, to study, or to complete your chores. Now that you’re on your own, there isn’t anyone giving you that push. You have to push yourself. Motivation is a myth. Stop waiting till you feel like it because that time will never come.

So the next time you get a great idea or and inclination to do something that will improve your life or the lives of others, don’t hesitate – do something. Whether it’s sending yourself a text reminder, making a phone call or just turning off the morning alarm – take action.

<strong>Take action steps:</strong>

If you have a goal that seems to never take shape, I want you do yourself a favor. When you get an idea or an inclination to do something, don’t hesitate. I want you to practice this all day and all week. If you get the idea that you should be getting outside for a walk, get up and go outside. If you want to get up earlier and not feel rushed in the morning, when you hear the alarm, throw off the covers first, stand up and then turn off the alarm.

If you need me to give you that push, I’m happy to do so. Make the call. Don’t hesitate, remember? I help you get unstuck and to stop getting in your own way.

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