Steps To Overcome Addiction

Do you or do you know someone struggling with addiction? Whether it’s with alcohol, smoking, sugar or something else, you’re not alone.

According to a study at Columbia University, 40 million Americans over the age of 11 have abused substances. That’s more Americans than those who have heart disease or diabetes. (There’s also an estimate that more than 80 million people are “at risk” of becoming addicted to something.

Many people who are addicted to something have some form of trauma in their history. Maybe they experimented with drugs in college. Addiction is all about using a substance to cope with pain – whether it’s physical or emotional.

With So Many Options, Why Do So Many People Relapse?

While many programs are valuable and have really helped millions of people, a lot of them are based on what some call the “chemical hook” theory. A chemical hook is a substance that is considered addictive and if you use it, you will become addicted.

Outside of this theory, we know that the “chemical hook” isn’t 100% true. Take for instance, people who have had surgeries are given some pretty massive pain medications that are a lot like heroin. However, most of them don’t become heroin addicts.

Those who do get hooked likely have something else going on besides the “chemical hook” factor. When this going on, people who have been addicted to one substance will often get hooked on another when they give up the previous one. (This includes sex, working too much and even shopping.)

Pain, whether it’s physical or emotional, registers in the same part of the brain and is the “root cause” of addiction – not the substance itself. The abuse of the substance helps the addicted person avoid pain.

So how do you conquer addiction once and for all?

There’s so much information everywhere about addiction and what you can do about it. Each person is an individual and responds to something different. (That’s why all of my programs are personalized to you.)

1. Stop blaming. It’s so easy to blame others especially when in the trap of addiction. It’s important to know that you have to retrieve your soul and take responsibility for recovery.

2. Stay with it. no matter what shows up. During recovery, there’s what I call a “dance.” You’ll have good days and you’ll have more challenging days. It’s part of life.

3. Get support. For many types of addictions, there are groups that can be supportive in your recovery. Do some research. For example, if you abuse alcohol and you don’t like AA, there are other groups out there.

4. Get more support. There are people out there who specialize in helping different addictions. Interview them. Many of them have been where you are, so they know what it takes to move out of it.

5. Get some exercise. Most of us could use more of that anyway. I’ve known people who have recovered from alcohol and drugs when they began to get out and move their bodies. Addictions can be crippling and you want to make sure you’re getting some sunlight to help the depression lift.

6. Pay attention to what you are eating. (Even if you are addicted to sugar or another food.) When you begin noticing the food you are ingesting, you can begin to make changes and improvements. You want to stabilize your blood sugar so that recovery is easier.

7. Explore Multiple Healing Approaches. Many people that I help through hypnotherapy and energy work, also use other types of approaches like acupuncture, massage, herbs and aromatherapy. There are probably countless ways to help oneself into feeling and doing better.

8. Put Yourself First. You are your number one priority. The one thing that my clients have in common is that they are not as important as they should be to themselves. Back in the day we were taught to do things for others first and now so many people are suffering from depression and addiction. If you’re trying to recover from overeating, gambling, alcohol or anything else, it’s important for you to be a priority. You might need to distance yourself from friends, look for ways to If you are trying to recover from an addiction, it’s important to make yourself your number one priority. So, give yourself time and space to do what you need to do. You may need to distance yourself from friends (e.g. addiction buddies), look for other ways to keep your mind occupied.

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