Are you going to stay stuck in a life full of worry and pain? OR

Are you ready to take charge of your worries and face life confidently?

 Fear and anxiety can be many things. They can be a series of irrational thoughts. They can be very mild, almost undetectable or it can be severe enough to cause panic and pain. Being reactive to life instead of creating your life is very tough emotionally and physically.

  • Do you have trouble meeting people and holding conversations?

  • Do you shy away from vacations or excursions that you know you will have to face water?

  • Are you terrified of speaking in public?

  • Do you travel and have a fear of flying?

You’re not alone. Millions of people continue to struggle and feel like victims in their own life. You can move through the fear and live a life with more freedom and peace.

Amy Hale has the experience to help with:

Fear of Driving
Fear of Heights
Fear of Needles
Fear of Vomiting
Fear of Elevators
Fear of Escalators
Test Anxiety
Fear of Flying
Fear of Insects
Fear of Dogs/Cats
Social Anxiety
Fear of Public Speaking
and more…

Amy Hale utilizes her extensive knowledge in the area of anxiety, fears and phobias, along with empowering tools such as hypnotherapy and NLP.

 You can:

  • control your sweaty palms, rapid heartbeat, scattering thoughts and other feelings that go along with anxiety or panic.

  • over-ride negative and fearful self-talk.

  • change your response to people or situations that used to trigger your fight -or- flight response.

  • free yourself from the internal prison of fear and expand your life in the direction you desire.

Amy’s process is designed to be short term so that you don’t have to spend months or years of going through unhappy memories just to find out that some talk therapy doesn’t help much.  This 6 week hypnotherapeutic coaching process is a call to action and can help you break through barriers easier.

If you would like to live a more peaceful life, call Amy today to set up your consultation so that you can experience the profound contributions that hypnotherapy and NLP with Amy Hale can bring to your life.

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