Guest Post by Marlise Karlin

It’s a beautiful dream — to travel the world and find what brings you happiness through food, wine, romance and prayer. How many people read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, wanting to jump on the next plane to anywhere that would take them out of their own world of disenchantment.

So many people are in marriages today that don’t fulfill them, where nothing seems to make sense anymore. Have you noticed? Yet, few have the courage to leave and search for what is calling out to them, as Liz did. She recognized the disconnection wasn’t about her husband — it was something going on inside her – and so she began walking toward that new world, while still offering love to the man she was walking away from.

The “Eat, Pray, Love” feeling of discontent is happening today — not because people are selfish or aren’t willing to work on their partnership, but because it’s time to awaken to a deeper quest.

Consider if it’s possible that Liz became unhappy because she was being guided to a life that had more meaning, one that could give her a greater sense of fulfillment. If you don’t have love within yourself, it’s difficult, if not impossible to give it to another. Often a partner can have this victim stance of “how could you do this to me,” when it could be the very best thing that could happen for both of them.

When we have given ourselves agreement to look at the cause of our unhappiness, unlikely messengers begin to appear in our lives. For Liz it was Richard, the Texan confidant she met in an Indian Ashram: “… If you want to get to the castle, you need to swim the moat.” In other words, she would have to do a bit of soul searching within herself — another reflection not too many people are wont to do.

Even so, more and more people today are feeling that tug in the heart, that notice we are sent, when something wants to change. It can feel pretty uncomfortable, and still, many will choose to live with it over dealing with change of any kind. Making a decision to leap into unknown territory can be frightening but it’s where untold treasures await each person willing to cross that great divide.

The good news is… we don’t have to travel the globe to reach that castle. The journey can begin in your very own home. Numerous people, myself included, have found that once a commitment is made to discover what your soul wants to show you, those “unlikely messengers” begin to arrive from everywhere to help you swim that divide.

Once you make sacred space in your heart and in your home to allow this infinite guidance in, it can happen through even as simple a practice as breathing deep with an inner focus. When it’s time to discover that rich field of awareness – it will be there – for every person wanting to know… without even needing to travel to an ashram in India or a healer in Bali.

“Eat, Pray, Love” could be your “unlikely messenger.” If it’s time to take that journey now, don’t worry, you don’t have to begin by leaving your partner. Just take the first step and find what that disenchantment is really trying to tell you. Close your eyes… breathe deep… make a request… and get ready to discover the truly amazing travels that are coming your way.

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