Jesse really impressed me when he came to me for help with his business idea. As a professional in technology, his heart wasn’t in his work. What he really wanted to pursue was brewing hard ciders.  He wanted to make a transition from a somewhat dead end job into working for himself.

He was scared to death.

Not about his ability to make great ciders, he was great at brewing and twisting new flavors.

No. Jesse was afraid that he wouldn’t succeed because his social confidence was lacking.  He knew owning his own business would cause him to have to network, mingle, and just plain talk with other people who he didn’t know.

Social well-being was harder than he expected. Small talk and introductions didn’t come natural. His income from brewing fluctuated quite a bit, if he had any at all. Everything seemed to fluctuate with many peaks and valleys.

I call it the “Confidence Roller Coaster.”

Seems that most people, especially those attempting a new business (or have been in their own business for a while) know exactly what I mean.  One successful month your soaring and everything is moving along. The next thing you know, you’re worried or depressed about whether or not you’ll make another sale.

With this big venture, Jesse needed help with being comfortable communicating with others. He was stuck in a cycle like many other people who want to adventure into the self-employment world.  So he asked me for help in seizing the confidence to move forward and to keep moving forward.

So here’s some of what we did:

  1. We borrowed on Jessie’s confidence in other areas, like brewing and then pasted that onto getting to know other people.
  2. We went to the root of the fear and where it was stuck and moved into processing out.
  3. We followed these up with taking action so I help him with a plan of action.
  4. We dealt with his confidence issues until the confidence was running smoothly and consistently.

Today Jesse works for himself and enjoys his life. He allowed me to help him get unstuck,

You might not be a technology expert, but if you see yourself in a similar “stuckness” somewhere in your life, you could be working a “confidence roller coaster.”

To your success,


P.S. Speaking of nail biting, I’ll have more stories for you about fears, phobias and other issues that Hypnotherapy and NLP are great with.

Amy Hale is Founder of Changing Lanes Hypnotherapy & NLP.

Changing Lanes offers effective strategies to help you get unstuck so that you can move forward with a happier and more successful life.

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