6 Steps To End Procrastination

Do You or someone you know have trouble with putting things off? Something always seems to stop you and keep you from getting to those projects that really need to be getting done.

Many of the clients I coach come to me for procrastination issues. Most of them have a “push through it” mentality as well. The “push through” method makes it challenging for people to even begin, so let’s take a look at a tried and true method for breaking the pattern of procrastination.

<strong>Step One: Set a Deadline.</strong> If you don’t have a deadline, then you’ll keep putting your project off.  Know what you need to accomplish and place the due date on your calendar. I always make the date at least two days longer than I anticipate it taking so that if an emergency arises, I won’t feel set back.

<strong>Step Two:  Get an Accountability Buddy.</strong>  If you’ve been a procrastinator, being accountable only to yourself hasn’t worked in the past, so don’t expect it to work for your current project either. Enlist a friend, spouse or coach to keep you going. Choose someone who can help motivate you in positive ways and not use “guilting” tactics. Guilt only causes more procrastination.

<strong>Step Three:  Set a Start Date.</strong>  This is a very important step. By setting a start date you allow yourself to prepare. If there are supplies that you need or you need to enlist someone’s help, then you can prepare to have the people and things you need in place. A great motivator is to know exactly what the rewards will be by finishing the project.

<strong>Step Four:  Set Boundaries.</strong>  This will give you the space and uninterrupted time to work on your project peacefully. If you need to make a “do not disturb” sign, then do it. Don’t let interruptions get the best of you.  Make sure everyone understands not to interrupt you. Avoid answering the phone and checking email. These are often time wasters and can push you back into the old procrastination habit.

<strong>Step Five: Take Frequent Breaks.</strong> This is where many of my clients derail themselves. They think pushing through is the best method. It’s the most stressful method and usually makes room for lots and lots of mistakes. Many people are willing to work ridiculous hours at the expense of their well-being and relationships. This only fuels procrastination for your next project. You’ll want to create a positive relationship to finishing projects by allowing yourself time to get away (even for 30 minutes) so that you can come back to your them with a fresh mind and fresh eyes.

<strong>Step Six: Celebrate Your Accomplishment.</strong> Take your accountability partner out to celebrate. It feels great to have that project in the past and will also help build a positive relationship with your friend, as well as, with accomplishing future projects.

If you want help with accomplishing your goals, an accountability buddy is essential. You can call on me to help you to get going and keep going if you have trouble. Hypnosis is fabulous way to help create the best mindset to achieve your goals.

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