1. It’s O.K. to go to bed angry.

If you use the rule of NOT going to bed angry, you put pressure on each other to find a resolution quickly. A lot of times sleeping on something helps a person wrap their mind around the problem and get some clarity. It can often be easier to come to a resolutions the next day that is better for both parties.

2. Schedule “you time” for yourself.
Everything needs spaces. Relationships are not different. In fact, for lots of couples, giving each time to be alone or with friends on their own can play a huge part of a successful relationship. Pursue a hobby, go out with friends, see movie. This can develop new topics to talk about with your partner.

3. Say Thank You more

During a survey, 88% of respondents wrote in that showing sincere appreciation was important in receiving and giving. It makes one feel good both ways. One surveyee responded, “It can mean so much when I’m thank for a thankless task.”

4. Have more conversations with your partner that don’t revolve around finances, home, or work.

If you almost always talk about finances, home, or work, your conversation are pretty surface-level stuff. In order to build a more closer relationship, share personal thoughts, feeling and goals with your partner.

No matter how long you’ve been with each other, don’t assume you know every about each other. Instead, ask questions about things that maybe you’ve never talked about

Don’t assume you know everything about each other even if you’ve been together for a long time — instead, ask off-the-wall questions you may never have talked about, like “if you were a bird, who’s car would you crap on first?” (LOL)

5. Turn Your Cell Phone off when you’re on date night and other times you’re with each other.

It might make your partner feel more significant if you let go of the Cell Phone once in a while. Really, you can check facebook later.

6. It’s OK to have fights.

To this day, there are people who feel that a relationship with no conflict is a great relationship. But that’s not necessarily true at all. You don’t want to be fighting all of the time, but it’s important to not just be quiet when airing your differences would be better so you can work through it. The key is to be fair and respectful when you have a disagreement.

7. Even if the decision seems small, check in with your partner.

Towards the beginning of our marriage, my husband’s and my dryer stopped working. Since he was busy with other things, I took the liberty of buying a new one. Oops! I failed to consider the impact of that action on my husband before I just went ahead and bought it.

Also, I’ve seen some people suffer when their spouse decides to go out with friends without consulting them first. It might be nice to say something like, “I’m thinking about going out with friends on Saturday – how does that work for you?” You’re not asking for permission; you’re keeping your partner in the loop.

8. Treat your partner how you want to be treated.

If something seems to be missing in your relationship, why not entering it back into the relationship yourself. Making the first move could enlighten your relationship with each other.

9. Hold hands or touch more.

Most of us need touch and affection from time to time, so why not make an effort to give your partner a hug and see how exceptional feels for both of you.

10. Date your long-time significant other as if you’ve just started dating.

I’ve interviewed lots of couples and the ones in great, ongoing relationships all continually keep reinventing their relationship. Attempt doing some genuinely fun, stupid and adventurous things together. Continue learning more about each other.

11. No way to get around it…communication is key,

If you don’t have good communication, the relationship with sour. This is not permission to “unload” our grievances on our partners. Good communication involves sharing your emotions without accusations.

12. Do what makes you feel good and confident.

Being confident makes you a better partner. You have to take care of yourself to be more confident. What makes you feel good about yourself. (If you can’t think of much, maybe you should call me.) The happier you are, the better energy you’ll bring to your relationships.

13. Don’t get caught up too much in whether he or she is “the one”.

In a real relationship, we become “the one” to each other. It’s entails shared experiences and mutual support.

14. Do the little things.

My husband called me earlier today and told me he had my car washed and vacuumed. Wow! That made me feel good and like he cared about me. Doing something for someone else, even if it’s “not your job” can really be a nice thing for both of you,

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