Hypnosis has been proven to help reduce anxiety, relieve depression, create habit change, conquer self-sabotage and more.  Learn how to use your mind to create better health, a better outlook and better success.  Amy looks at all parts you – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Having worked with Hypnotherapy for almost two decades, Amy has helped thousands reduce anxiety, relieve depression and create better outlooks on life. She also helps those with CPTSD.

Until further notice: Amy will be offering only virtual therapy sessions – via phone, facetime and zoom.  Please contact her here to schedule a discovery session.

Why Work With Hypnotherapy with Amy Hale?

If you want someone to help you go into an altered state, give you a few suggestions and then send you on your way, you can go anywhere for that.  If you are sick of struggling with a part of yourself that keeps sabotaging your efforts, then that’s where Amy Hale comes in.  She’s not going to be passive, nor will she let you get away with excuses.  What she will do is point out where your letting the shadow part of yourself take hold of your life, so that you can stand up to your inner saboteur easier.

Testimonials – Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

You have helped me tremendously with my weight loss. I started at 385 pounds, lazy and inactive. You got me on track with portion control, exercise – peddling and walking. My weight to date is 40 pounds. Thank you for your time and patience. I still listen to the audios– they help keep me keep on track. I recommend you to anybody with a weight problem or any other problem. – Allen Sarnow, Canton, MI

I have struggled for YEARS with a crippling phobia. I made the choice last year to pursue hypnotherapy, and I wish I would have done it sooner! It is like taking the best relaxing nap ever, only you are aware of what is going on. Even though I still have little bumps in the road, the change has been tremendous! I would HIGHLY recommend Amy to anyone for anything!!  — Rebecca C, Michigan

Contact Amy

Call for a free phone consultation now.

Currently, Amy Hale/Changing Lanes is only working with clients virtually by phone or zoom. Please see her main website at www.changing-lanes.com

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